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Corporate Citizenship and Higher Education: Behavior, Engagement and Ethics

Dr. Morgan Clevenger Post-Doctoral Fellow & Professor of Management Monarch Business School Switzerland

It is with great pleasure that Monarch Business School Switzerland announces that Dr. Morgan Clevenger, a Post-Doctoral Candidate at Monarch, has been named a finalist for Best Book Award in the Social Issues in Management Division at the Academy of Management. The book stems from his dissertation work as a PhD Candidate at the University of Missouri. The book is entitled: “Corporate Citizenship and Higher Education: Behavior, Engagement and Ethics” published by Palgrave MacMillan, 2019. Monarch is very proud of his achievement and we wish him further success in his academic career as he completes the Post-Doctoral program at Monarch. see the full post at this LINK.

Paths To Nowhere – Africa’s Long Walk To Economic Freedom
Dr. Samuel Appiah-Kubi
Doctor of Philosophy In Business Research Graduate
Monarch Business School Switzerland

The Impact Of Virtual Reality On Political Marketing
Ms. Karina Ochis, M.A.
Doctor of Philosophy In Leadership Candidate
Monarch Business School Switzerland
Virtual reality experiences have been successfully executed in a number of political marketing domains. Through its experiential and immersion capacities, virtual reality builds amplified relationships and brings visions to life. The impact of previous technological developments on political marketing is examined, namely of mass medium, the early internet, social media, big data and augmented reality.
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Millenial Leadership At The 2017 SME World Summit In Dubai
Dr. Corrie Block
Professor of Strategic Management
Monarch Business School Switzerland